Gura ženklo™

A reflection of your own true Self

Born into humble circumstances in rural Lithuania during the late 1970's, the Gura ženklo™ was subject to harsh challenges from the very beginning. As soon as she could walk, she was forced to beg for food in nearby villages in order to help her impoverished parents make ends meet. On those days when she returned home empty-handed, her father would invariably take out his frustration on her by locking her up in the outside privy overnight.

Her father's active involvement in the then fledgling Lithuanian independence movement was to have dire unexpected consequences for the Gura ženklo™. As the daughter of a so-called 'enemy of the state', she was considered by the government to be at high-risk of joining the partisan movement and therefore in urgent need of political "re-education". Thus, at the age of 6 years old, the Gura ženklo™ was forcibly removed from her parents' custody by the Soviet authorities to be placed in a Siberian correctional institution.

After 3 years involuntary incarceration under the most brutal conditions, the young Gura ženklo™ finally managed to escape the reformatory by hiding in the back of a truck bringing dirty laundry to the nearest village. In order to avoid detection, the Gura ženklo™ immediately fled into the surrounding forest, where she built a rudimentary shelter and managed to survive by scavenging nuts and berries from the forest floor.

Shaken to the core by the hardship she'd experienced at such a young age, the Gura ženklo™ began to contemplate the deeper meaning of suffering and of life in general. Her foremost concern became finding the answer to the fundamental question of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going.

She spent the next twelve years roaming the remote forests of Siberia, often finding herself on the brink of death due to starvation or hypothermia. And yet her quest to understand the true nature of human existence gave her the strength and endurance to continue her meditative contemplation even under conditions of the greatest physical hardship and suffering.

One day, whilst engaging in deep meditative reflection, the Gura ženklo™ unexpectedly received what she describes as "the sign of eternal love" ('ženklas amžiną meilę' in Lithuanian). Following a particularly bad bout of diarrhoea, the Gura ženklo™ suddenly realised that there was no need for her to attempt to forcibly release her toxic past. The past releases itself the moment the present is here. And since the present is always here, there is neither past nor future. With this realisation, she experienced a profound and radical transformation in consciousness.

Now blessed with the ultimate awareness that Presence only exists in the Now, the Gura ženklo™ entered the timeless state of awakened Being, freed of all psychological attachment to the notions of past and future.

A voice from within compelled her to end her twelve years of self-imposed asceticism in order to embark on devoting her Self to teaching and helping those in need. With this in mind, she slowly made her way back to Lithuania where she began to embark on her mission of sharing her wisdom and compassion with all those who wished to meet her.

Meeting the Gura ženklo™

In 2008, the Gura ženklo™ began to travel outside her native land in order to take her message further afield. She has since held a limited number of private audiences abroad in selected locations in Scotland, Siberia, Taiwan and Turkey.
Due to the highly personal nature of her consultations, the Gura ženklo™ has a strong preference for private face-to-face encounters, rather than public appearances before a large audience. No spoken exchange is necessary for her to transmit her message of awareness and healing. A single, brief encounter with the Gura ženklo™ is often intense enough to make a lasting impression.

Inviting the Gura ženklo™

If you would like to invite the Gura ženklo™ to hold an audience where you live or work, please contact for further details.

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